Autodesk – 3ds Max 2019 ute nu

Autodesk – 3ds Max 2019 ute nu

Nu är nya Autodesk 3ds Max 2019 här med massor av nya features! Autodesk har haft särskild fokus på att förbättra och snabba upp arbetsflödet i den senaste releasen. Läs gärna det här blogginlägget om den nya releasen skrivet av Neil Hazzard (Principal Engineer för 3ds Max).

Highlights från Autodesk 3ds Max 2019

Advanced Wood Map:

  • Advanced Wood is a new procedural map.
  • Highly customizable way to generate wood textures.
  • Includes presets for maple, cherry and oak.
  • Designed to work closely with the Physical Material, with outputs that can be used directly in the material such as Roughness and Bump.
  • Available for Arnold and Scanline renderers.

OSL Map and Open Shading Language:

  • You can now take advantage of Open Shading Language in 3ds Max by using the new category of OSL maps that contains a variety of preset maps, the OSL map, or developing your own OSL map.
  • Allows you to write your own shaders.
  • Lets you download and use existing OSL shaders.
  • You can see dynamic updates to both the UI and resulting map in ActiveShade.

Shape Booleans:

  • Shape Booleans let you combine splines into new shapes using Boolean operations.
  • Similar UI to 3D Booleans.
  • Dynamic chamfer/fillets for created vertices.
  • Works on closed and open shapes.
  • Useful for creating floor plans, motions graphics, and any objects/workflows that use splines as a starting primitive.

Shared Views:

  • Shared Views lets you share your models anyone online, and receive their feedback.
  • Publish an entire model or a selection directly from 3ds Max.
  • Easily view and share designs in your browser.
  • Collaborators use a URL, they don’t need to install software.
  • Print out views that are important to you.
  • Capture screenshots to use in emails and presentations.
  • Access collaboration feedback directly in 3ds Max or through your web browser.

3ds Max Interactive:

  • VR editing is now possible with the new Level Viewport VR, letting you use your VR headset to enter and edit your level in virtual reality.
  • Smart Placement tool provides you with a new and intuitive way to place objects precisely when working in the Level Viewport or editing your scene in VR.
  • Live Transform Tracking mode syncs transform controls between 3ds Max and 3ds Max Interactive.
  • Photometric lights from 3ds Max are now imported as Physical Lights in 3ds Max Interactive. Any associated IES files are also imported.
  • The new and flexible VR Desktop template can be used with either Oculus or HTC Vive systems.

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