Nya KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS ute nu!

Nya KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS ute nu!

Helt nya produkten KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS är en nerbantad KeyShot som vänder sig till SOLIDWORKS-användare och som endast tar emot nativa SOLIDWORKS-filer. KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS kan uppgraderas till KeyShot Pro.

Just nu och t.o.m. 2020-03-31 är det kampanjpris med $300 rabatt! Kontakta oss för mer information.

KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS features

  • Over 850 materials plus thousands more on KeyShot Cloud
  • Exclusive Pantone, RAL, and custom color libraries
  • Advanced material import for AxF, u3m, and Substance Painter
  • Advanced Materials such as Cloudy Plastic, Measured Materials
  • Patent-pending materials like RealCloth™ and Multi-Layer Optics
  • Advanced, interactive node-based Material Editing
  • Displacement textures and volumetric lighting
  • Lighting presets, advanced HDRI Editor, Sun and Sky
  • Geometry editing including Re-tessellate and UV Unwrap
  • Studios, Model Sets, Image Styles, and Multi-Materials
  • Advanced camera control, DOF, and perspective matching
  • Interactive 360° visuals and product Web Configurator
  • Simple one-click switch between CPU and GPU rendering
  • Free KeyShot Viewer (with Security Options)
  • SOLIDWORKS files import only (sldprt, sldasm)

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