Autodesk Flame-familjen 2021 ute nu

Autodesk Flame-familjen 2021 ute nu

Få verktyg inom 3D, film och digitalt skapande har en sån anrik historik som närmare 30 år gamla Autodesk Flame. Nu har Flame-familjen släppts som version 2021, alltså Flame, Flare, Lustre och Flame Assist.

Bland nyheterna, se kompletta release notes på denna länk:

GPU-Accelerated Defocus Effect
The new Physical Defocus effect makes it easy to add depth of field in shots. The effect can be used in Batch as a standalone Matchbox node or in Image Selective in combination with a generated AOV Depth map.

Machine Learning-Powered Human Face Segmentation
A new Semantic keyer for feature isolation on the human face adds the ability to extract alpha mattes for skin, eyes, lips, nose, cheeks, chin, and laugh lines.

Integrated Finishing Enhancements
For colorists and finishing artists, being able to quickly replicate a look or adjustment across many shots is a ‘power tool’ of finishing. Flame 2021 introduces a new way to quickly save and recall color grading and FX work in the Explorer, a dedicated ‘grade bin’ and reference comparison area.

New video preview mode
Artists can now draw clients in further with a new video preview mode called ‘Viewing Area’ which enables them to easily share iterations of their work to large SDI or HDMI preview monitors.

Dolby Vision HDR Authoring and Display Workflow
While there have been ways to output HDR content from Flame using color management and floating point processing up until this point, this latest update goes a step further by adding a seamless workflow for importing, authoring, displaying, and exporting Dolby Vision HDR shot-by-shot animatable metadata.

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