Nya Shaderlight 4.1 ute nu!

Nya Shaderlight 4.1 ute nu!

Shaderlight är ett plug-in till SketchUp för fotorealistisk rendering. Cambridge-baserade utvecklarna ArtVPS meddelar att nya Shaderlight 2016 (4.1) finns tillgänglig att ladda ner (för 4.0-kunder) eller att köpa alt. uppgradera.

Nyheter i Shaderlight 2016 (4.1)

Med version 4.1 kommer en rad nyheter och förbättringar:

•  Reinstate the skylight portal direction indicators that were removed in Shaderlight 4.0. These make it easier to verify which direction a portal is facing without remembering the front and back colours. Shaderlight will attempt to place the direction indicator at the portal’s centre of mass unless that would place it outside the portal, in which case it places the indicator where you click.

•  Honour SketchUp’s View Section Cuts setting so that section cuts can be globally turned on and off and Shaderlight more closely matches the SketchUp viewport.

•  Add resolution presets for the iPad and iPad Pro 12.9 inch.

•  Fix a bug that caused the skylight portal direction to be displayed incorrectly before clicking if the template face is in a rotated group or component.

•  Fix a bug that prevented custom lighting environments, background images and locally stored ReplaceMe detail models from rendering correctly on the Shaderlight cloud rendering service.

•  Remove left-over edges from skylight portal template faces if they are not connected to any other faces after deleting the template.

•  Fix a bug that allowed you to create another skylight portal from an existing portal’s faces if it is inside a group or component.

•  Fix a bug that caused incorrect brightness for skylight portals that are in scaled groups or components.

•  Update the cloud rendering plugin UI to remove facilities not currently supported and provide links to the relevant pages on the ArtVPS website.

•  Fix a bug that caused the Shaderlight render window to crash if a corrupted skylight portal is exported. Such corrupted portals are now simply ignored.

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