Forest Pack Lite / Pro 5.1.0 ute nu!

Forest Pack Lite / Pro 5.1.0 ute nu!

iToo Software meddelar att deras Forest Pack 5.1.0 nu finns tillgänglig att ladda ner för alla registrerade användare av Forest Pack ProDe största nyheterna är full kompatibilitet med Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 samt V-Ray 3.4 for 3ds Max. Övriga nyheter:

– Added option to customize Font Size for the Lister (see Options).
– Actions of the Toolbar are available at ”Customize User Interface” (within ”Forest Pack” category).
– Forest Lister is sorted by object’s name.
– All configuration keys defined at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE can be read alternatively from same branch at HKEY_CURRENT_USER. (This feature lets you to create custom installations using non-administrative accounts).
– Fixed invisible objects in V-ray when using VRayPhysicalCamera with motion blur or PhysicalCamera.
– Fixed: Effects->Distance to area attributes don’t return correct values at least that Area->Fallof is enabled.
– Fixed bug with Animation modes in Mental Ray.
– Fixed rare crash bug when using Animation modes and Display limits.
– Fixed crash when rendering without license.
– Fixed: Effects->dotprod function was decleared as vector instead real.
– Fixed: Toolbar placed out of screen and not visible (see Note 1).
– Fixed: Toolbar is not available after a Workspace change.
– Fixed: Effects->random generator doesn’t return consistent values in Custom Edit mode.
– Fixed rare bug that would cause animated objects are not updated correctly.
– Fixed: in some cases Forest Exclude Areas has no effect after the first animation frame.
– Fixed: Forest doesn’t update with changes of rotation or scale on Custom Objects, until scene is reloaded.
– Fixed bug with XRef scenes binded to a rotated object.
– Fixed updating issue with Effects using ”max.time” property.

Du vet väl att du kan gå en kostnadsfri halvdagskurs i Forest Pack och RailClone den 16 september i Göteborg? Se mer här.

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