Nya Deadline 9.0.2 ute nu

Nya Deadline 9.0.2 ute nu

Andra revisionen av Thinkbox Deadline finns ute. En hel del buggfixar och nya funktioner för olika värdprogram, se komplett lista här:

Installer Improvements

• The Certificate installer icon is now the Thinkbox icon.
• Fixed a warning message in the Repository installer that was still referring to a previous version of Deadline.
• Improved some error messages in the Repository installer.

General Client Improvements

• Fixed a bug where a job statistics could be saved with a negative render time.

Monitor Improvements

• Cleaned up some Monitor submitters to reduce their height.
• Removed the word “Submission” from all Monitor submitters. Note that this will only affect clean installations of Deadline, not existing installations.

Slave Improvements

• Fixed a bug that could prevent the Slave from requeuing the task that it’s working on when it’s shut down.
• Fixed a bug where the preliminary check for a Limit was not checking if a Machine-level Limit was held by another Slave on the same machine.
• Fixed a bug where Limits specified in an Application Plugin’s configuration would be checked in pre-emptively.

Proxy Server Improvements

• Fixed an error that could occur when the same Repository file was being requested by a large number of machines.

Command Improvements

• Fixed a bug where the keys for the GetSubmissionInfo command were being converted to lower case, causing paths to be returned that may not be valid on Linux and Mac OS X. Also fixed the path separators in the paths returned to match the operating system.

Application Plugin Improvements

3ds Max

• Fixed the reporting of renderer specific proxy files in the SMTD log during job submission.
• Added a sanity check to warn the user if render elements will overwrite each other.
• Updated Corona-specific properties that can be modified from the Monitor after submission.
• Improved how V-Ray and Corona GI files are handled when submitting assets with the job in SMTD.
• Fixed the external file collection in SMTD to use the source or duplicate target path instead of a stripped path version.

After Effects

• Fixed a bug that caused the wrong frame range to be passed to Draft after a multi-machine job completes.

Cinema 4D

• Path mapping in the Cinema 4D batch plugin no longer includes paths that map to empty strings. Also fixed the path separators on Windows.
• Fixed some issues with sticky settings in the integrated submitter.
• Added a stdout handler to catch a licensing error.


• Fixed a bug in the Corona DR submitter installer for 3ds Max that prevented it from installing correctly.
• Added timeout options to the Corona DR plugin configuration. Also added an “on job complete” option.


• The integrated submitter no longer warns about invalid paths if they are relative to the Maya project directory.


• Fixed a bug in the integrated submitter that could cause some output paths to contain multiple path separators.
• Path mapping now works properly with proxy files.


• Added support for Nuke 11.


• Improved the error messages that can be printed out during rendering.


• Added Tile Rendering support.


• Improved logging messages in VRaySpawner plugin.


• Added support for VRED 2018.
• Updated the default executable paths in the plugin configuration for Mac OS X.
• Fixed a syntax error that would be printed out after rendering.

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