The Future of Urban Planning & Architecture Tools

The Path Forward for Urban Planning, Architecture & Property Development

Autodesk, a leading player in design and construction software, has long been at the forefront of providing solutions for architects and urban planners. With Autodesk Forma, part of the comprehensive AEC Collection, hey take urban planning and architecture to the next level.

Autodesk Forma: A part of the AEC Collection

AEC Collection is Autodesk’s answer to the need for an integrated solution for those working in design, construction, building, and manufacturing. Within this collection, we find Autodesk Forma, along with other powerful tools like Revit and AutoCAD. This combination provides users with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in their workflows.

Benefits of Autodesk Forma for Urban Planners and Architects:

Autodesk Forma offers an intuitive design experience with a user-friendly interface, making it easy even for those unfamiliar with CAD programs. Real-time rendering enables quick previews of design changes, saving valuable time. Moreover, Forma’s collaboration features facilitate teamwork, which is crucial in large projects.

Why Switch to Autodesk Forma?

Many urban planners and architects already use BIM tools in their daily work. However, as part of the AEC Collection, Autodesk Forma offers a comprehensive solution that only some other tools can match. Integration with other tools like Revit and AutoCAD means users can seamlessly move between different stages of the design and construction process.

CUBE 3: A Future-Proof Business Model with Autodesk Forma 

CUBE 3, a prominent architecture firm, has successfully incorporated Autodesk Forma into its workflow. Tony Fiorillo, Chief Information Officer at CUBE 3, emphasises the value of solutions like Autodesk Construction Cloud and Forma. These tools provide unparalleled access to data, enabling smarter work and flexibility to be where customers need them.

Improved Communication and Time Savings

With Forma, the CUBE 3 team has improved communication with clients. They can now have more targeted discussions about the best possible solutions for the client’s end result. Brian Cussen, an architect and associate at CUBE 3, highlights how Forma’s web-based functionality makes it easy to show projects to clients in real time.

Data-Driven Design Decisions

Forma has played a crucial role in informing design decisions. An example is a hotel project where stakeholders had different opinions about a rooftop pool. Using Forma’s sunlight hours analysis, the team could demonstrate that a solution with a pergola would provide sufficient sun and shade to meet both parties’ requirements.

Integration with Revit

Another crucial aspect of CUBE 3’s digital strategy is the seamless integration between Forma and Revit. Tino Freitas, architect and BIM manager at CUBE 3, emphasises how this integration allows the team to start the BIM process earlier, making the entire project run much smoother.

The Future of CUBE 3

As CUBE 3 continues to future-proof its business with cloud-based solutions, they look forward to exceeding their customers’ expectations and contributing to the digital transformation needed to drive the industry towards a sustainable future.


Autodesk Forma is a solid choice for those ready to take their work in urban planning and architecture to the next level. As part of the AEC Collection, it offers a comprehensive solution that is both powerful and cost-effective.


Customer case: CUBE 3

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