Corona 10 – Simplified Rendering for Enhanced Creativity

Corona 10: Boost Your Creativity with Seamless Rendering

With Chaos Corona for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D you gain access to a powerful rendering engine that allows you to bring your visions to life. Corona 10 offers a seamless rendering experience, empowering you to create stunning visual effects with ease. Say goodbye to complicated settings and technical obstacles – Corona 10 simplifies the rendering process and lets you focus on unleashing your creativity.

Artists and designers can quickly and easily drag and drop their V-Ray scenes (.vrscene) to explore them in real-time instantly – without wasting time optimizing geometry, unwrapping UVs, or light baking. Once you’re in Vantage, you have the freedom to define and recall views and scene states, create immersive experiences, and communicate your designs better.

There is live linking from 3ds Max, SketchUp, RhinoRevit och Cinema 4D.

What's New in Corona 10? Webinar

On Friday June 30, 2023, at 12 noon CEST Chaos Group will host a live Corona 10 webinarDuring the webinar, host Tom Grimes, Product Manager of Chaos Corona will showcase the big new features in Corona 10 and demonstrate what you can create using them. 

The webinar will cover how the new features let you:

  • Easily add cracks, dirt, stickers, etching, embossing, and more thanks to individual control over the material channels (Diffuse, Displacement, Metalness, etc.) affected by a Corona Decal.
  • Fly cameras through smoke and clouds, or have them half-submerged in water with accurate rendering from Cameras inside volumetric materials such as those from Phoenix simulations.
  • Get brighter, more accurate Caustics when rendering to large resolutions.
  • Achieve greatly improved quality of blurred highlights when using Depth of Field.
  • Easily find and adjust scatters, lights, proxies, displacement, and cameras using the new Listers.

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