Free 3D model: 3D print a fruit bowl for your home

Free 3D model: 3D print a fruit bowl for your home

Are you looking forward to 3D printing a bit during the Easter weekend? Here’s a free 3D model – ready to be 3D printed – from us at Creative Tools. This pretty fruit bowl (or maybe a bowl for all the Easter chocolate eggs?) can be 3D printed in one or two colors, depending on whether you have a 3D printer with one or two extruders. Hope you like it! 🙂

We designed the fruit bowl in the 3D modeling software Rhino and prepared the file for 3D printing in Flashprint (a so-called “slicer” software that is included with the purchase of 3D printers from Flashforge). Then we 3D printed the fruit bowl with the 3D printer Flashforge Creator 3. And of course we printed with our own eco-friendly PLA filament series ECOrefill. We chose to print with two colors, in pastel pink and white. As you can see in our online store, the ECOrefill filaments are available in lots of lovely colors. Which color combination will you choose?

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