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Global Mapper v22.1 out now

Global Mapper is a robust GIS application that combines a comprehensive array of spatial data processing tools with access to an unparalleled variety of data formats at an affordable price. Blue Marble Geographics – the developer of Global Mapper – recently released a new version of the software.

Significant New Features in Global Mapper v22.1

  • New ‘Save 3D Views’ tool allows you to orient the 3D view to look at the data from a particular side, or to use a custom saved camera position.
  • 3D View navigation tools to target camera on features and lock the pivot axis around the feature(s) of interest.
  • Improved Graph and Chart tool to include graphs that contain data from multiple layers, graphs that contain multiple series, etc.
  • New Spatial Operations for union, difference and symmetrical difference, allow you to find where two area layers are different or to merge them together. There are also spatial predicate operations that find features that overlap, touch, contain, are within, are equal to or are disjoint from a layer of area features.
  • Spatial Operations tool has a scripting tab that can perform advanced operations on sets of features, including queries, layer overlay operations, and building sets from attribute queries. This is also available in the Global Mapper scripting language

Webinar: What’s new in Global Mapper 22.1?

Blue Marble will host a webinar on the 3rd of March. During this webinar, Blue Marble applications specialists will introduce and demonstrate the highlights of Global Mapper version 22.1.

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