Glue Stick – a 3D printer’s best friend

Glue Stick – a 3D printer’s best friend

Complex devices sometimes benefit from common sense solutions. FFF type 3D printers work best when the filament/build material initially sticks properly onto the build surface. Also, when the print is done it should be easily removed. A simple and extremely affordable solution is glue stick. After extensive testing, Creative Tools now offers the right type of glue stick for the purpose in our web shop, where you of course buy your FFF type 3D printers as well as filament.

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Why won’t the first layer stick to the 3D printer’s build platform?

Have you started 3D printing and run into first layer adhesion issues? Then we recommend to cover the build platform with this glue. The glue stick provides improved adhesion of the filament to the 3D printer’s build surface, which leads to better printing results. The glue stick works excellently on both cold and heated build platforms, and helps the first layer of filament to attach properly to the build platform. It is easy to detach the 3D model from the build platform when the print job is done. Good luck!

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