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HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 2 out now

Yesterday Lightmap announced the immediate availability of HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 2. Watch the video above to find out what the new version has to offer.

What’s new in HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 2?

The two biggest news in Drop 2 is Diffusion Blur and Light Looks.

The first filter added to HDR Light Studio is Diffusion – a blur effect that mimics the diffusion of light through a material like tracing paper or cloth. Spreading and softening the light.

Light Looks:
The lighting process is about creativity and experimentation. There are so many lighting decisions to make and so many different approaches you can try out. Light Looks allow you to easily store, compare, duplicate and edit multiple lighting designs in a single HDR Light Studio project – supporting your creative lighting process.

What is HDR Light Studio?

HDR Light Studio lets you easily create and edit HDR lighting (HDRI maps & HDR Area Lights) for your existing 3D software and renderer. It has plug-ins for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, MODO and many more.

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