Impressive stop-animation loop with 3DBenchy

Six years ago, we made our 3D model #3DBenchy publicly available for anyone to download. #3DBenchy is specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. Today it’s been downloaded over 2.600.000 times(!) and it is one of the most 3D printed models in the world.

Different 3D printed versions of #3DBenchy are shared daily by people all over the world. And still, the 3D print community continues to impress us with their creativity and fun variations of our little boat.

The animation above is one exceptional example of that! Mark Theriault put together a 3D printed stop-animation loop with 120 frames all 3D printed. Thanks for sharing your work Mark Theriault!

Read more about Mark’s project in his own post here.

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