Maxon One Fall Update 2023:

Unveil the Latest Features and Performance Enhancements


Maxon One Fall Update 2023

Fall is here, and with it comes the latest update from Maxon One, a game-changer for all creative professions. Let’s dive into the exciting news.

What is Maxon One?

Maxon One is not just software; it’s a complete toolbox for creatives. It includes Cinema 4D for 3D modeling and animation, Redshift for rendering, Red Giant for editing and VFX, Universe for effects and transitions, as well as Forger and ZBrush for 3D modeling and digital sculpting.

New in Maxon One Fall Update

Cinema 4D: Unmatched Speed and Precision for Creative Scenes
Red Giant: Powerful Updates
RedshiftUnleash the Potential of Rendering with New Features
Universe:  Over 50 New Capsules

Over 50 New Capsules

Cinema 4D 2024

Cinema 4D 2024 offers unmatched speed and performance for complex creative scenes. With improvements in Rigid Body simulations and a more “art-directable” Pyro workflow, it takes your 3D work to the next level.

Enhanced Performance: Cinema 4D 2024 has a brand-new core that makes the program more than twice as fast as previous versions. This means faster interactive playback and a more efficient workflow.

Rigid Body Simulations: Solid objects can now interact with all types of simulations in the scene, including soft bodies, cloth, and Pyro. This opens up more complex and realistic scenes.

Pyro Workflow: Pyro now has more precise controls, allowing artists to create cinematic scenes with fire, smoke trails, and explosions. With the help of UpRes, you can quickly conceptualize in lower resolution and then render in full quality.

Vertex Normal Tools: Full control over adjusting vertex and polygon normals.

Red Giant 2024

Red Giant 2024 includes updates for Trapcode, Magic Bullet, VFX, and Universe. With new features like Combustion in Trapcode and enhanced Real Lens Flares in VFX, it gives you more creative freedom and efficiency.

Trapcode 2024: Trapcode now has a new Combustion feature that adds realistic thermodynamic properties to the simulation. This allows for the creation of convincing pyrotechnics directly in After Effects.

VFX 2024: New features in Real Lens Flares include the 2D+Distance feature, which allows you to change the light source’s distance in Z-space, and Light Control, which provides precise positioning and control of flare in 3D-tracked scenes.

Magic Bullet 2024: Over 30 new presets have been added, further simplifying the workflow and allowing artists to be even more creative.

Universe 2024: Universe now has over 50 new presets, making it easier for video editors and compositors to be creative.

Redshift 2024

Redshift, the GPU-driven rendering engine integrated into Cinema 4D, now has more artistically controllable Pyro simulations. As a user, this gives you more control and flexibility when creating realistic fire and smoke effects.

Improved CPU Performance: Especially on systems with more than 12 CPU threads, improving performance and accelerating rendering.

New MatCap and Distorter Shaders: These new shaders open up even more creative freedom, especially for those working with illustrative renderings and surface effects.

Maxon Capsules

Overall updates for Maxon One

New Spline Modifier by Rocket Lasso: This new feature makes it easy to create hanging wires, ropes, and cables. This is exclusive to Maxon One subscribers.

Redshift Metal and Car Paint Materials: A comprehensive collection of Redshift materials has been added, including everything from rough gold to smudged nickel.

3D Models for Visualization: Maxon has included 3D models that are ready to use for interior and exterior visualization, saving time and increasing efficiency for architects and designers.


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