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Rhinoceros 8: A New Dimension in 3D Modeling

Rhino 8

Precision Meets Innovation

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Discover Rhino 8

Rhinoceros, more commonly known as Rhino or Rhino 3D, is an advanced CAD system designed to transform complex design ideas into tangible realities. Used by professional designers, architects, and engineers worldwide, it is celebrated for its exceptional precision and versatility.

Rhino stands out especially in creating double-curved forms, a functionality particularly valuable for users who need to control exact curvatures and details in their design projects. Rhinoceros’ ability to create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves makes it a powerful tool for handling complex geometries with high precision.

Now, Rhino 8 is here, and it’s more than just an update – with new features and improvements, Rhino 8 takes your design projects to the next level. Here are some of the most exciting new features:

  • ShrinkWrap: Create detailed and precise models for 3D printing. Ideal for architects and product designers who need to convert complex ideas into physical models.
  • SubD: Combines the precision of NURBS with the flexibility of polygon modeling. Perfect for creating organic shapes, ideal for jewelry design and character modeling. 
  • PushPull Tool: Streamline your modeling process. Add or remove volumes from your design with ease and precision.
  • Enhanced Performance for Mac: With Apple’s Metal graphics API, Mac users experience a significant speed boost, making working with complex models smoother than ever.
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Already a Rhino user? Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your license to Rhino 8 at a favorable price.

Offer valid until February 27, 2024.

ShrinkWrap: Turn Chaos into Gold

ShrinkWrap in Rhino 8 creates a dense mesh around complex geometries, ideal for 3D printing and detailed modeling. The tool effectively handles irregularities and holes, making it a key feature for designers and engineers working with advanced surfaces. You can easily encase complex models, including SubD geometries, NURBS, and point clouds, with a smooth and continuous mesh.

This feature is not limited to 3D printing but can also be used in other areas requiring detailed and accurate surface reconstruction, such as architectural modeling and product design. A valuable tool if you need to create complex surfaces with high precision and efficiency.


Want to try? Download and open the ShrinkWrap-Demo.3dm  model. This is a 3D scan of a shoe last used in shoemaking. Notice the major gaps and broken, uneven mesh geometry. You can fix this with ShrinkWrap. Read more here.  


SubD: Create with Precision

SubDor Subdivision Surface Modeling, in Rhino 8 is an innovative modeling method that combines the precision of NURBS modeling with the flexibility of polygon modeling. This tool is ideal for creating organic and complex shapes with smooth transitions, particularly useful in fields like product design and character modeling.


A key feature of SubD is the ability to create sharp edges and defined lines through SubD Creases, adding extra detail and precision to the design. Additionally, Rhino 8 allows easy conversion between SubD models and NURBS geometry, giving designers great flexibility in their workflow.

Read more here and access SubD model examples.

Simplified Modeling

PushPull Tool: Streamline Your Modeling

The PushPull tool is another new feature that simplifies and speeds up solid modeling. Instead of manually adjusting each individual point or surface, users with PushPull can quickly and efficiently add or remove volumes from existing geometry, making the modeling process faster and more intuitive.

Gumball: Intuitive Editing

The Gumball tool allows you to quickly move, rotate, scale, copy, cut, and extrude geometry without having to write commands or click a toolbar button.

Built for Mac: Metal

Rhino 8 for Mac now uses Apple’s Metal graphics API, providing a significant speed increase for rendering and drawing in 3D. This means Mac users can enjoy a smoother and faster experience, especially when working with complex models or performing resource-intensive tasks.



New User Interface

The new user interface in Rhino 8 is nearly identical on both Windows and Mac, facilitating collaboration between users on different operating systems. This contributes to a more unified and efficient working environment, regardless of the platform you use. As a multi-platform support, users can switch between Windows and Mac on the same license (not simultaneously), providing a flexible and seamless experience regardless of the operating system. Read about the differences here and commands here.


FAQ - About the Upgrade Offer

Great! Purchase an upgrade license to Rhino 8 in our webshop before February 27, 2024. The promo price will automatically be applied to your order. Buy Rhino 8 in our webshop

Absolutely! If you hold an EDU license for a previous version of Rhino, you can take advantage of our upgrade discount when switching to a commercial license for Rhino 8. This is a perfect opportunity to expand your capabilities with Rhino. If you prefer to continue with an EDU license for Rhino 8, that’s possible, but remember that you need to provide a valid student ID. Buy Rhino 8 in our webshop or buy Rhino 8 EDU in our webshop.

Currently, we are not offering any discounts for new licenses. Even without a discount, Rhino 8 is an excellent investment for your design work, with its powerful new features and improvements.

You can upgrade directly to Rhino 8 even if you have an older version than Rhino 7. The cost of the upgrade is the same, regardless of which previous version you have. This makes it easy and cost-effective for you to always have access to the latest features and improvements in Rhino. Take the chance to experience the new and powerful features in Rhino 8! 


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€ 595
€ 395 *

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