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Sneak peek: New features coming in KeyShot 11

We’re excited to share that a new version of KeyShot is coming soon – it’s just around the corner. Version 11 of the user-friendly rendering software – widely used to create beautiful, impressive visualizations – comes with some great new features and enhancements. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.

What’s new in KeyShot 11?

New in KeyShot 11: 3D Paint Tool

Keyshot’s new 3D paint tool gives users the ability to customize surface finishes and textures by directly painting or stamping on the surface of the model.

New in KeyShot 11: Physics Simulation

Physics simulation will allow users to record the physics & collision detection and apply it as a Keyframe animation.

New in KeyShot 11: Color, Material, Finish (CMF) Tool

Users can use the CMF Tool in KeyShot 11 to output callouts on their renders. Identify material descriptions, material costs, texture finish, etc.

New in KeyShot 11: FBX Deformable Animations

KeyShot users can now import FBX deformable animations. Previously, only Alembic (.abc) deformable animations could be imported into KeyShot.

FBX import includes FBX files with .mc/.mcx cache files, used by CLO, VStitcher and Maya for export simulations and also FBX files with rigged animations.

New in KeyShot 11: Web Viewer

Customers with KeyShot 11 and KeyShot Web (subscription only) can now upload KeyShot files to the new KeyShot Web Viewer, so they can interact and share scenes online with others from any device, anywhere.

New in KeyShot 11: Headless Rendering

Luxion – the developers of KeyShot – will continue to expand this feature in KeyShot 11, meaning you will have even more control over workflow automation, increasing your creative output without even opening the KeyShot software!

Want to learn more about the new features in KeyShot 11?

Learn even more about what the new version has to offer! Register to this webinar, that will take place on February 17th, 2022 at 10:00 AM PST. You’ll get to see the new features and updates for the newest release of KeyShot, how to use them, and ask your questions.

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