V-Ray 5 for Revit available now

V-Ray 5 for Revit available now

With the new V-Ray 5 for Revit, architects and designers can take advantage of an array of new workflow optimizations. On of the biggest new features is V-Ray Vision – which empowers users to create, explore and present their designs with real-time, high-quality visual feedback.

The new Chaos Cosmos asset library provides photorealistic entourage to build stunning interiors and exteriors with minimum effort. New material tools enable users to quickly achieve realistic looks. The redesigned Frame Buffer puts essential post-processing capabilities at the user’s disposal. All of these features are delivered right inside Autodesk Revit, making V-Ray 5 the perfect tool for users working on any stage of the project development process.

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What’s new in V-Ray 5 for Revit?

Real-time Visualization.

V-Ray Vision gives users a realistic real-time view of their model as they develop it. They can rapidly iterate, make better design decisions
and communicate more effectively with stakeholders working on the project.

Post-processing inside Revit.

Our redesigned Frame Buffer comes with powerful new features that take users beyond just rendering. There is no need for a separate app for compositing or color corrections — they can be handled with V-Ray and saved as presets for future projects.

Realistic displacement for Revit materials.

In V-Ray 5, displacement is not limited to V-Ray materials — it’s an asset of its own that’s easy to apply to native materials.

New lighting capabilities.

The new Light Mix feature can be used to experiment with all the light sources in a scene after it’s been rendered. Lights can be grouped, their brightness adjusted and their color changed to find what best fits the space.

Single material setup for repeating proxies.

In V-Ray for Revit, materials must be assigned every time a proxy is added. With the V-Ray Asset Editor, users can specify the materials once, save them and populate their scene without setting up proxies again.

Render-ready 3D assets.

Now, V-Ray comes with a curated asset library — Chaos Cosmos. Users can effortlessly create real-world context for their model’s interior and exterior by adding high-quality entourage from essential categories including furniture, accessories, lighting, vegetation, vehicles and people. They can search and import straight from within V-Ray and spend zero time on setup. Cosmos assets have accurate physical scale, automatic levels of detail and are ready to render. Chaos Cosmos provides a consistent 3D content experience across Chaos products and renderers.

Sketch ideas with a click.

The new global Contours setting gives a sketch-like look to concepts. They can be applied to the whole model or used selectively to highlight certain objects. Randomization for realistic textures. The UVW Placement asset randomizes texture coordinates and colors of V-Ray materials to make them appear as they would in the real world. And, with Stochastic Tiling, repeating patterns are a thing of the past.

More creative freedom with the Sun & Sky.

Studying a design’s interaction with natural light has never been easier. With more control over the sky generation parameters and access to our improved sky model, sunrises and sunsets will look better than ever.

Coat and Sheen Layers.

The V-Ray material is upgraded with two new layers. With the Coat layer, it’s easy to create polished surfaces. Utilizing the Sheen layer quickly produces realistic fabrics such as velvet, satin or silk.

Improved Material Library.

Our render-ready Material library saves users time with access to over 500 high-resolution 4K textures such as glass, metal, wood and many more.

Dirt & Weathering.

Weathering effects can be added to any surface of a model with the improved V-Ray Dirt texture.

Webinar: Introducing to V-Ray 5 for Revit

Want to learn more about what V-Ray 5 for Revit has to offer? Join Chaos Group’s webinar on the 2nd of March, 2021.

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