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Why is 3DBenchy such a popular 3D model to 3D print?

New in 3D printing? Maybe you’ve browsed around on the web to learn about 3D printing, and wondered why the little boat #3DBenchy keeps popping up everywhere.

Why it’s so popular? Why is it called #3DBenchy? And how can you use it to improve your 3D print results? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find the answer to all of those questions.

In the video above, Teaching Tech will tell you everything you need to know about the little boat. Thanks to Teaching Tech for a great video! 🙂

Creative Tools = The Creator of #3DBenchy

We are very proud to be the creators behind the 3D model #3DBenchy. It is one of the most 3D printed models worldwide.

One of our employees designed the model with a specific purpose in mind. It should be an optimal item to test/benchmark 3D printers and optimize the print settings with. The 3D model contains difficult angles and other challenges that help identify different issues with 3D printers and print settings.

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