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ZBrush 2024: Streamline Your 3D Modeling and Texturing

See what ZBrush 2024 and Maxon One's November release have to offer for your next 3D creative challenge

In November, Maxon launched an update to its Maxon One package, focusing on a new version of ZBrush. ZBrush 2024 is filled with innovative features, designed to streamline and enhance workflows in digital sculpting and 3D modeling.

Comprehensive Key Features and Improvements in ZBrush 2024

ZBrush continues to impress with its innovative features and introduces several new functions and improvements crucial for 3D creators:

  • Anchor Brush: his updated brush provides a more intuitive method for deforming meshes, opening up new creative possibilities.
  • Gizmo/Transpose Masking: With these improved tools, users can now achieve a higher level of control and precision in their work.
  • C4D Noises: The integration of Cinema 4D noises into ZBrush’s surface noise gallery brings new dimensions to texturing and detail work.
  • Repeat to Similar: This function allows for the repetition of changes on meshes with the same polygon count, streamlining the workflow.
  • Grow/Shrink Mask: With these expanded features, users can now create more dynamic and complex mask shapes.
  • Knife Brush Split to Parts: This function allows for efficient splitting of objects into separate parts, increasing flexibility in the design process.
  • DragStamp: A new stroke option that gives users control over the intensity when dragging an alpha over the surface.
  • Crease Unmasked/Uncrease Unmasked: These new tools give users increased control over details in their creations, especially regarding creases and edges.

You can read more about the update here

More from Maxon One's November Release

Cineware Improvements

Cineware for Unreal now offers improved capabilities for importing Cinema 4D files into Unreal Engine. Additionally, Redshift materials with subsurface scattering are now supported. The texture size can be adjusted before each import, giving you greater flexibility in managing your texture quality.

Capsules Release

This month’s Capsules release is the largest to date. With Studio Lighting HDRs from Lightmap Ltd., an expanded collection of plants from Laubwerk, and updated Redshift-compatible assets, we provide you with the tools to create everything from detailed kitchen designs to lively grocery store scenes.


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