Ny uppdatering för Cinema 4D – R16.038

Ny uppdatering för Cinema 4D – R16.038

När MAXON släpper en uppdatering till Cinema 4D och/eller BodyPaint3D görs det rejält! Med senaste Cinema 4D R16.038 lanseras en massa nyheter och förbättringar på bred front. Man har särskilt fokuserat på stabilitets- och prestandaförbättringar och buggfixar. Dessutom har man fått bort API-problemen med Cinema 4D R16 och VRayForC4D-renderaren. Den nu tillgängliga R16.038 rekommenderas för alla Cinema 4D-användare. Hela åtgärdslistan (endast på engelska):


• Fixed several stability issues
• Hair now supports separate alpha and depth passes
• Fixed an issue with Hair Self Shadow pass
• Fixed several broken Hair passes
• Fixed a stability issue with Hair
• Fixed an issue with Hair and Global Illumination


• Fixed a stability issue with Bodypaint 3D
• Fixed an issue with Raybrush rendering in conjunction with Bump and Reflectance channels


• Fixed a stability issue with Weight tool
• Fixed an issue in the character template of the Advanced Biped


• Fixed an issue with viewport rendering that appeared after rendering Dynamics scenes in Picture Viewer


• Several Thinking Particles attributes are now included when exporting/importing Alembic files
• Fixed an issue with exporting animations as Alembic
• Fixed an issue with wrong specular in 3ds import
• Fixed an issue with importing Alembic curves as Hair
• Fixed an issue with wrong IDs of Alembic particles
• Alembic export now supports Thinking Particles data channels
• Unknown point properties in Alembic files are now imported as Thinking Particles data channels
• Fixed an issue with Alembic objects ignoring document scaling changes
• Fixed an issue with redundant tags when making Alembic object editable


• Dynamics simulations are now supported by FBX export
• MoGraph animations are now supported by FBX export
• Fixed an issue with exporting Cloth to FBX
• Fixed an issue with splines in FBX export
• Fixed an issue with FBX exporting performance
• Fixed a stability issue with exporting Character scenes to FBX
• Cloth simulations are now exported to FBX as vertex cache animations


• Fixed an issue with keyboard input in Help Browser search bar


• Fixed a stability issue
• Fixed a refresh issue in the interface
• Fixed a stability issue with Interaction Tag
• Fixed an issue with missing drop down arrow


• Improved orientation detection in Motion Tracker
• Fixed an issue with the Auto Replace Lost Tracks option
• Fixed a stability issue with Motion Tracker
• User Tracks list now automatically adjust to Attribute Manager size


• All textures/shaders used in Reflectance channel are now treated linear (without gamma correction), old scenes have an enabled legacy check box to preserve the look
• Fixed an issue with Sketch and Toon in conjunction with Reflectance channel
• Added a unit to Reflectance Distance Dimming
• Fixed a performance issue with Reflectance rendering
• Fixed a performance issue with Reflectance material preview
• Fixed a stability issue when loading CMYK textures
• Option to use Reflectance channel has been removed from Displace deformer
• Fixed an issue with Lumas shader preview
• Fixed an issue with the Bake Texture tag of reflectance with gradients
• Fixed an issue with Bake Texture tag and reflectance not being selected
• Fixed an issue with selection commands in Texture Manager


• Fixed several modeling stability issues
• Fixed an issue with caps in Lathe object
• Improved performance of the Bridge tool
• Fixed an issue with Knife function of Polygon Pen when re-projection is enabled
• Fixed a performance issue with snapping
• Fixed a snapping issue with Polygon Pen when re-projection is enabled
• Re-projection of Polygon Pen now recognizes deformed meshes
• Fixed a stability issue with beveling
• Fixed an issue with N-gons and Symmetry object
• Fixed an issue with Polygon Pen knife topological forming
• Fixed a stability issue with Bevel deformer
• Arc parameters in Polygon Pen are now grayed out when working in Polygon Mode
• Fixed a stability issue with Polygon Pen
• Fixed a stability issue with FFD Deformer
• Fixed a stability issue when adjusting Brush size
• Fixed an issue with Displacer Deformer
• Fixed an issue with Polygon snapping on SDS objects
• Fixed an issue when twisting faces while extruding them with Polygon Pen
• Fixed an issue with the Bevel Deformer


• Thinking Particles groups inside a Tracer’s Trace Link field now show the correct icon
• Fixed an issue with Clones on selections
• Fixed an issue with cloning onto splines
• Fixed a stability issue with MoGraph Cloner
• Fixed an issue with cloning onto closed splines
• Fixed an issue with cloning onto Thinking Particels groups


• Fixed an issue with Alembic particle geometry and particle groups
• Fixed the Spline Rail deformer


• Fixed an OpenGL stability issue on Nvidia hardware
• Fixed a stability issue with OpenGL
• Fixed a stability issue


• Fixed an issue with Picture Viewer displaying wrong render time
• Color depth in status bar is now also shown correct with Team Render
• Fixed a zoom issue with full-screen mode of animations


• Fixed an issue with GvPort.SetName() renaming host node
• MessageDialog() does now have ”type” keyword
• Fixed an issue with MovieSaver.Choose()


• Fixed an issue with Render Queue overwriting files in certain cases
• Fixed an issue with Render Queue not displaying correct frame numbers


• Fixed a stability issue with Glow Post Effect when working with very high resolutions
• Fixed an issue with Specular pass
• Fixed an issue with Motion Vector pass
• Fixed an issue with saving progressive rendering results
• Fixed an issue with render performance
• Fixed a division by zero issue in the reflection layer
• Fixed and issue with artifacts and 32-bit images in physical render
• Fixed some stability issues


• Fixed an issue with undo/redo concerning sculpting
• Fixed a stability issue with Sculpting
• Fixed an issue with disabling modifiers


• Improved Resize Stroke Variation behavior
• Fixed some typos in interface for Sketch and Toon
• Fixed an issue with Sketch and Toon editor display
• Fixed an issue with Sketch and Toon presets not updating the material preview


• Fixed some stability issues
• Fixed a typo in the Team Render Interface
• Fixed an issue with Team Render frame number display in Render Queue
• Fixed an issue with Team Render Client not rendering with correct if material has same texture in more than one channel
• Fixed an issue with the client status rendering with Team Render to picture viewer
• Fixed an issue with Team Render local machine not stopping in progressive mode
• Fixed an issue with disabled Team Render clients joining a rendering job
• Fixed an issue with client naming when no name was given in preferences
• Fixed an issue with wrong shown client status after restart
• Fixed a cosmetic issue in the context menu of the machine list
• Fixed an issue filtering offline clients in the machine list
• Fixed an issue with the machine list not updating
• Fixed an issue with rendering timeout not being taken into account in GI pre-pass
• Normal, UVW and vector passes render now aliased
• Fixed an issue with lens effect and Team Render


• Fixed some stability issues
• Added the possibility to filter in the Team Render browser interface monitor by categories
• Fixed an issue with Team Render Server browser interface showing duplicate jobs after manual deletion of job.ini
• Fixed an issue with Team Render Server browser interface job progress status
• Fixed an issue with Team Render Server browser interface showing duplicate jobs when job.ini is not writeable
• Fixed an issue with browser interface showing old infos after restarting a modified job
• Fixed an issue with error reporting after deletion of results
• Fixed an issue with rendering alembic animations
• Fixed an issue with Team Render Server and sound files
• Fixed an issue with restarting of clients from the browser interface
• Improved performance when a lot of assets / results are shown in one job
• Fixed an issue with browser interface showing wrong language
• Fixed an resizing issue of the browser interface
• Fixed an issue with zipping files larger than 2 GB
• Fixed an issues with web interface selection
• Fixed an cosmetic issue in the browser interface progress bar
• Fixed an issue with preparing .zip files in the browser interface
• Fixed an issue with missing assets warning in Team Render Server


• Added the possibility to assign color to particles in the viewport


• Fixed some stability issues
• Fixed and issue with proxy ref in the Render Queue
• Fixed an issue with auto exchange of XRefs


• Fixed a texture tiling issue with Combine Project command
• Fixed an issue with the rail spline of Spline Wrap deformer
• Fixed several stability issues
• Fixed a stability issue with sky object
• Fixed an issue in C++ API

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