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3Dexpo Recording: Jake Denham – Using V-Ray to meet publication deadlines

Did you miss our virtual 3Dexpo a few months ago? No worries! We’ve made the full recording of the first 3Dexpo session available for you to watch – for free. In this webinar, you’ll learn when and how Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray for 3ds Max can be used alongside photography in advertising campaigns. And stay tuned, more webinars from 3Dexpo will be published soon.

Jake Denham talks about two projects he’s been working on recently. He shows us his workflow and explains why it’s often a cost-effective option to combine photography and CGI. First, he’ll walk us through a project where he merged real-world models into a virtual environment. After that, he’ll tell us about another project where he merged a virtual product into a real-word location.

About Jake

Jake Denham, CGI artist & Official V-Ray mentor

Jake Denham, CGI artist & Official V-Ray mentor, received a Masters in Digital Design from The University for the Creative Arts. This took him to Monaco to work for yacht designer Palmer Johnson Yachts. He now works with some of the world’s leading brands and has trained thousands of students through his academy Luxury Visuals.

How to merge photography into virtual environments

In the webinar, Jake tells us about a project he worked on for the global electronics company Grundig. They were creating a campaign that was going to be published in the magazine The Sunday Times.

Four influencers within interior design, food, fashion and architecture got to design their own dream kitchens. The four dream kitchens needed to be created in CGI, as constructing each kitchen within the project timeline wouldn’t be possible. However, they needed to use real photos of the influencers to be able to place them in the virtual kitchens.

CGI can offer faster turnaround times on creating marketing material than photoshoots. And one reason for this is there is no need to ship physical products. Taking a look at the product list really highlighted this. This product list included ovens, fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Jake Denham

Bridge Studio (who also worked on this project) helped each influencer to sketch their dream kitchen. After that, as soon as Jake received the sketches, he worked together with Boulder Creative to turn those sketches into reality.

3ds Max and V-Ray ultimately enabled a photo shoot that would not have been otherwise possible. Using these tools allowed us to create the dream kitchens without needing to source a set or products.

Jake Denham

Watch the webinar to find out about Jake’s workflow and how he merged photography into virtual environments. Learn and get inspired by his amazing results using tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray for 3ds Max.

How to merge a digital product into a real environment

Jake also lets us in on another project in this webinar. KIA and Bridge Studio created a double-page spread in The Sunday Times magazine for the release of KIA’s car model e-Niro. They chose a real-world location for this project – Whitelee Windfarm in Scotland – but they weren’t able to get the actual car over there.

During the shoot, we shot the back plates with and without a placeholder car. And although this wasn’t necessary, it did help with scale and lighting for the CGI version. It’s handy to see where shadows are dropping and where highlights are going to be hitting the car.

Jake Denham

Watch the webinar to find out more about this project, and how Jake yet again achieved outstanding results using software such as Autodesk 3ds Max and V-Ray for 3ds Max.

What’s 3Dexpo?

3Dexpo is a recurring Scandinavian event where 3D professionals gain valuable insights from expert speakers. The event is organized by us at Creative Tools – a reseller of market leading brands of 3D software and 3D hardware. Our last 3Dexpo was held in October 2020. It was a virtual three-day event including six webinar sessions by professionals in the 3D industry. In this blog post we’re giving you the possibility to watch the first session for free.

When is the next 3Dexpo event?

At this point, we haven’t announced the date of our next 3Dexpo event yet. Subscribe to our 3Dexpo newsletter today to make sure you don’t miss the announcement.

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