Katana 4.0 has been released

Katana 4.0 has been released

Katana 4.0 introduces the next generation of look development and digital cinematography.

Featuring game-changing enhancements and features, Katana 4.0 ships with a new Artist Focused Lighting Tools. Create and edit lights directly in Katana’s viewer with elegance, speed, and accuracy in a ground-breaking feat of UX.

Meanwhile, Katana 4.0’s pioneering Foresight Rendering workflows create a truly formidable interactive rendering process in any pipeline, allowing artists to work across multiple shots and networked machines at the speed of thought for fast, scalable feedback – empowering them to make all the right choices. This is lighting as you’ve never experienced it before.

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Katana 4: Lighting Tools

Katana 4: Image-Based Selection Mode & Region of Interest Rendering in the Monitor Layer

Katana 4: Katana Foresight

Katana 4: Catalog & Monitor Updates

Katana 4: Network Material Improvements

Katana 4: USD Preview Surface

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