Putting sustainability at the heart of building design​

Discover how innovative, user-friendly tools help architects drive sustainable change right from the earliest stages of design.

Autodesk Forma and the AEC Collection are at the forefront of meeting the ever-evolving needs of the architecture, engineering, and construction industry (AEC). Autodesk Forma, part of our offering, is an innovative cloud-based solution that supports architects and designers in pursuing sustainability in building projects.

Arcadis: An Example of Sustainable Design

Architect Caoimhe Loftus and her team at Arcadis have developed a work process that integrates sustainable design from the start of the project by using Autodesk Forma’s environmental analyses. This early integration facilitates and streamlines the pursuit of sustainability goals, a step towards Arcadis’ goal of becoming a net-zero emissions company by 2035. This is just one of the ways user-friendly tools can help architects drive sustainable change from the earliest design stages.

A New Change
Traditionally, sustainable design and collaboration with sustainability teams have often come later in the design process. Loftus emphasises the importance of shifting this focus earlier in the project lifecycle to make sustainability work more effective and cost-efficient.

Bridging the Gap to Prioritize Sustainability
Arcadis projects, such as the urban retail and hospitality centre Merlata Bloom Milano, commit to achieving a high level of sustainability. François Appéré, Global Autodesk Platform Director at Arcadis, highlights the importance of digital tools in handling complex challenges and providing project teams with powerful analytical tools.

Simplifying Sustainable Design
Arcadis’s team has developed an early-phase workflow focused on operational energy. Autodesk Forma can be scaled up and used to enable architects to perform initial environmental analyses and design with sustainability in mind from day one.

Early Indications, Informed Decisions
With early insights from Forma, the team can explore and test more design proposals and suggest solutions faster. The analyses enable early and frequent design evaluation, helping the team achieve their sustainability goals.

With a focus on operational energy, Arcadis’ workflow gives architects a better starting point for designing with energy in mind. Autodesk Forma plays a key role in making sustainable design more accessible and manageable for architects.

Customer case: Arcadis Merlata Bloom Milano in Italy

Curious about the workflow?

Watch Arcadis’ session from Autodesk University 2023. The session was led by Caoimhe Loftus and Simon Irgens, Senior Customer Success Manager from Autodesk Forma.

In the session, you will learn:

  • How to set goals for operational energy.
  • How to identify the climate you are designing for.
  • How to use Autodesk Forma to analyse mass studies with a focus on operational energy and solar panel analysis.
  • Which design decisions affect your ability to achieve your operational energy goals.

Watch the recording here.  


"Putting Sustainability at the Heart of Building Design"

Want to learn more about how innovative and user-friendly tools can help architects drive sustainable change right from the earliest stages of design? Autodesk has published a Whitepaper titled “Putting Sustainability at the Heart of Building Design,” which explores how innovative and user-friendly tools can help architects drive sustainable change right from the earliest stages of design. Here are some of the key points:
  • The Importance of Sustainability
  • Challenges within AEC
  • The Impact of Climate Change
  • Integrating Sustainability into the Design Process
  • Digital Tools for Sustainable Design
  • Planning for the Future
  • Building for the Future

Download your whitepaper here!

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