New Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printer out now

New Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printer out now

Earlier today, Ultimaker announced the release of their new 3D printer Ultimaker 2+ Connect. It is the sequel to the reliable workhorse Ultimaker 2+.

With networking capabilities and a new touchscreen, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is your reliable first step into Ultimaker’s world of easy, remote 3D printing. At home or in the office, sending print jobs to the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is a breeze. Via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, cloud 3D printing allows remote file transfer with added security from anywhere in the world.

The optional add-on Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager is designed to simply and effectively increase user safety, it removes up to 95% of ultrafine particles and shields users from hot and moving components. It also fully encloses the build chamber for a more stable printing environment, making it possible to 3D print with more materials.

Interested in Ultimaker 2+ Connect?

Get your Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printer in our online store. There you’ll also find more information about this new, reliable 3D printer model. Please contact us if you have any questions. Why buy your 3D printer from us at Creative Tools? We offer free technical support!

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