What’s New in Creative Cloud

What’s New in Creative Cloud

Adobe has always been at the forefront of offering innovative tools in digital creativity, and their latest update to Creative Cloud is no exception. With the introduction of generative AI, Adobe opens new doors for creativity and efficiency, providing graphic designers, marketers, and video producers with even more tools to realise their visions.


Adobe Firefly - A New Era of Generative AI

Adobe Firefly is more than just an add-on service – it’s an integrated part of Creative Cloud. With Firefly, users can generate images and text effects directly from simple text prompts. This groundbreaking technology simplifies the process of turning ideas into reality and offers endless possibilities for creative creation.


AI-Driven Innovation in Creative Cloud:

Creative Cloud has undergone a comprehensive transformation with the integration of generative AI. Here are some of the most exciting features in your favorite programs:

Adobe Express

Generative Fill: Add or remove content with a text prompt.

Text to Template: Create templates from written prompts.

Linked Assets: Synchronize your .psd and .ai files.

Brand Kits: Apply your brand to content with one click.

Adobe Photoshop

Generative Fill: Add or remove content with a text prompt.

Generative Expand: Expand a canvas and fill in with realistic content.

Photoshop on the web: Create with familiar tools in your web browser.

Remove Tool: Erase objects while preserving the background.

Premiere Pro

Text-Based Editing: Cut and paste text to edit video content.

Enhance Speech (beta): Improve clarity and remove noise from dialogue.

Simplified Color Preferences: Achieve better colors easily and consistently.

5x Faster Timeline: Edit, load projects, and share files faster.


Text to Vector Graphic: Generate vector graphics from text prompts.

Generative Recolor: Apply new color palettes based on text prompts.

Retype: Edit fonts quickly in any type of image.

Mockup: Create realistic mockups with a click.

After Effects

Enhanced Roto Brush: Uses AI for faster and more accurate object isolation.

Import 3D Models (beta): Enables direct work with 3D models in After Effects.

Advanced 3D Renderer (beta): Creates high-quality 3D motion graphics.

Properties Panel: Provides quick access to key tools for streamlining workflows.


Auto Style: Automatic formatting of documents with AI support.

Cloud Docs: Share and store files online for easier collaboration.

Copy/Paste to Illustrator: Easily transfer objects to Illustrator.

Graphic Format Support: Support for new graphic file types.

Adobe Lightroom

Lens Blur: Create a portrait effect in any photo.

HDR Optimization: Import and edit your HDR photos.

Denoise: Remove grainy textures from photos.

Local Editing and Storage: Edit and store images on your device.

Adobe Stock

Video Templates: Professionally designed templates for easy video production.

Text to Image: Generate images from text descriptions.

Expand Image: Adapt images to different sizes and formats.

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