Maxon January Release 2024: The latest on Red Giant

Maxon has launched Red Giant 2024.1, an update offering new tools for 3D artists and marketers. This version focuses on enhancing workflows in film and animation.

New Features & Updates in Red Giant 2024.1

Red Giant 2024.1 targets editors and filmmakers with tools like the Bokeh plugin and improved colour control in Magic Bullet Looks, simplifying the creation of visual effects.

Universe provides editors and compositors with an essential toolkit of effects and transitions, making adding dream-like bokeh to any image easier.

  • Bokeh-plugin: A new tool for creating realistic bokeh effects and simulating camera focus, giving your images a dreamy appearance.
  • Bokeh Transition: Enhances transitions between clips with a smooth de-focus effect, offering a seamless visual experience.
  • Förbättrad Prestanda: These plugins are built on a new performance framework, paving the way for future expansions to other Universe products.

Magic Bullet updates include more user-friendly color management and integration with Unreal Engine.

  • User-Friendly Color Management: A simplified experience that allows artists to achieve desired results faster.
  • Unreal Engine Integration: Enhanced support enabling more efficient use of Magic Bullet Looks with the latest version of Unreal Engine.

VFX Real Lens Flares

  • Real Lens Flares: Now with new features like obscuration and Light Ball core projection, bringing a more tangible presence of flare effects in scenes.

VFX Spot Clone Tracker

  • Spot Clone Tracker: Improved with a new Tracker Only function, useful for After Effects users. 
  • Shape Roundness function: adds more flexibility in adjusting cloned shapes.


  • Rendering Optimization: Enhanced for multi-threaded and multi-frame rendering.
  • New Asset Browser: Facilitates access to Maxon’s cloud-based resources, making it easier to find the perfect sprite, model, curve, or gradient.

News from Maxon-One's December Release

Cinema 4D 2024.2

Adobe Substance 3D Integration: Smooth drag-and-drop functionality for Adobe Substance 3D materials in Cinema 4D, opening new creative possibilities with Redshift materials.

Improved glTF Import: Now with support for TRS attributes, simplifying the integration of animated objects.

Project Asset Inspector: An enhanced tool that effectively identifies and helps you address missing fonts in your projects.

Advanced Simulations: Updated Rigid Body simulations with improved collision detection and new settings for more realistic scenarios.

Control Over Simulated Objects: New damping settings offer greater precision in managing simulated objects.

Pyro Enhancements: Create more vivid and realistic fire and smoke effects directly on deforming meshes.

Key Reducer: Streamline your timelines by reducing the number of keyframes without losing the quality of the animation.

Node-Based Workflows: Asset Version Pinning and new Scene Nodes features like Symmetry and Thicken improve modelling and spline adjustment processes.


Redshift 3.5.22

Faster Adobe Substance 3D Import: Easier and quicker creation of Substance materials in Redshift.

Clearer Preview in Redshift RT: Improved visibility during the initialization and preprocessing of rendering.

Custom Texture Compression: Choose from five levels to balance quality and performance.

Nvidia DLSS Technology: Streamline rendering by using lower resolution and upgrading with Nvidia DLSS.

Flexible Noise Reduction: Adjust noise reduction for faster and cleaner results.

Cineware Förbättringar:

Datasmith Direct Link-plugin: Eliminerar behovet av att spara och ladda C4D-scener, och möjliggör direktöverföring av data till Unreal Engine. 

Capsules Nyheter:

Ny Spline Modifier: Skapa allt från växter till neuroner med denna mångsidiga verktyg.

Betongmaterial och Hemmakontorsmodeller: En samling material och modeller, optimerade för Redshift.

Laubwerk Växttillgångar: Inkluderar blommande växter som magnolior och forsythia, för att berika dina scener.


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