Rhino 8 for Rhino.Inside.Revit

Rhino 8 for Rhino.Inside.Revit

In the latest update of Rhinoceros 8, McNeel has taken a significant step forward with the launch of Rhino.Inside.Revit 1.18.  It’s truly a game-changer when it comes to creating an efficient workflow between Rhino 8 and Autodesk Revit.

Rhino.Inside.Revit and its new feature establish an effective workflow between Rhino 8 and Autodesk Revit.

The benefits of Rhino.Inside.Revit:

Direct integration:
Rhino.Inside.Revit enables direct integration of Rhino 8 within the Autodesk Revit environment. This means that you can work seamlessly between the softwares without switching between different windows or platforms.

Realtime updates:
Your changes in Rhino 8 are immediately reflected in Revit, and vice versa. The real-time environment provides a dynamic workflow where you always have the latest information, regardless of which program you are working in.

Efficient data transfer:
The ability for fast and easy transfer of models and data eliminates the need for complex and time-consuming processes to export and import files.

Save time and boost your productivity:
The seamless workflow in Rhino.Inside.Revit saves significant time for users. Reduced transition times enable focused and efficient creative work.

Rhino.Inside.Revit has a user-friendly design that makes it easy for users to get started. Multiple customization options allow users to shape the tool according to their specific needs and working methods.

Take advantage of our upgrade offer!

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Already a Rhino user? Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your license to Rhino 8 at a favorable price.

Offer valid until February 27, 2024.

Want to know more about what's new in Rhinoceros 8?

Read more about the new features in our previous blog post.

FAQ - About the Upgrade Offer

Great! Purchase an upgrade license to Rhino 8 in our webshop before February 27, 2024. The promo price will automatically be applied to your order. Buy Rhino 8 in our webshop

Absolutely! If you hold an EDU license for a previous version of Rhino, you can take advantage of our upgrade discount when switching to a commercial license for Rhino 8. This is a perfect opportunity to expand your capabilities with Rhino. If you prefer to continue with an EDU license for Rhino 8, that’s possible, but remember that you need to provide a valid student ID. Buy Rhino 8 in our webshop or buy Rhino 8 EDU in our webshop.

Currently, we are not offering any discounts for new licenses. Even without a discount, Rhino 8 is an excellent investment for your design work, with its powerful new features and improvements.

You can upgrade directly to Rhino 8 even if you have an older version than Rhino 7. The cost of the upgrade is the same, regardless of which previous version you have. This makes it easy and cost-effective for you to always have access to the latest features and improvements in Rhino. Take the chance to experience the new and powerful features in Rhino 8! 


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